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Darcy T., 181 Dental Patient

"Every time I went to 181 Dental, I felt that the dental team was very genuine and cared about me. It was a family atmosphere and I knew that they valued the dental care they gave. Thanks 181 Dental for helping me maintain a great smile."

181 Dental in Portland, Gresham, Rockaway, OR Oregon

Leanne A., 181 Dental Patient

“Dr. Lisa has always been there for my family, and it has been a blessing to have found 181 Dental. I can’t count the times Dr. Lisa saved us money, not only by being extremely reasonable with her rates, but with her recommendations. Thank You Again, Dr. Lisa!”

181 Dental in Portland, Gresham, Rockaway, OR Oregon

Mark S., 181 Dental Patient

"I just wanted to write and thank you for saving me from having to get a root canal. I really appreciated Dr. Lisa’s care and attention to doing everything possible to keep my teeth healthy. I followed all of her advice and now my tooth doesn’t hurt, isn’t sensitive, and I know I would have ended up getting a root canal with my last dentist. Thank you!"

181 Dental in Portland, Gresham, Rockaway, OR Oregon

Chris A., 181 Dental Patient

“Dr. Lisa, I just wanted to thank you again for accommodating me after hours. I can’t believe the pain a tooth can cause, and I’ve never experienced a doctor willing to meet my needs outside their typical office hours. It always seems like when you need a doctor most, you end up at the ER because it’s after hours, which is expensive and time consuming. Thank you for being there for me, I was extremely impressed. I’m a patient for life.”

181 Dental in Portland, Gresham, Rockaway, OR Oregon

Britt S., 181 Dental Patient

“I have been so impressed with level of care at 181, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They have been affordable, accommodating and for once, I finally don’t dread going to dental visits. I love Becky and the rest of the staff, they have always been so helpful and kind. Thank You Dr. Lisa”

181 Dental in Portland, Gresham, Rockaway, OR Oregon


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