Dental patient smiling after procedure

Veneers have been used for many years to brighten teeth and restore cosmetic dental issues. However, some problems come with getting veneers attached to the surface of your teeth. These include having to physically grind down tooth enamel in order to make room for the veneers – as well as veneer installation often being an irreversible procedure.

Fortunately, technology has improved over the years, bringing new veneers that rarely require disturbance of your tooth enamel – and can often be removed without replacement. These are Lumineers.

Do Veneers Need Special Care?

Fortunately, you can treat Veneers just like your regular teeth. They operate like tooth enamel, so you can brush and floss with confidence.

Remember you still have your original teeth, gums and jaw to take care of. If you have special dental needs like a mouthguard when you sleep – you still need to pay attention to your routine care. Veneers won’t stop you from heading to the dentist for your regular check-up and cleaning!

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