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Welcome To Our Family Dental Practice

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We feel it is our privilege to serve as your oral health care provider. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality dental care available in a comfortable, caring manner.

We hope this is the first of many pleasant experiences with our office as we strive to provide compassionate, personalized dental care in a modern dental facility. It is our desire to serve you to the highest standards while attempting to exceed your expectations for years to come. We view dentistry as a lifelong need and will give our patients that lifelong care.

  • Teeth Whitening / Bleaching
  • Preventive Exams & Cleanings
  • Dentures & Implants
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Composite & Porcelain Veneers
  • Composite Resin Bondings & Fillings
  • Digital X-Rays (minimal Radiation Exposure)

Dental cleanings and exams are the foundation of a healthy smile.

It’s important to remove the built-up tartar and calculus that simply can’t be reached or removed by brushing.  Catching tooth decay early can save your teeth. Did you know gum disease accounts for the greatest cause of tooth loss in adults? But the good news is that regular dental visits give you the best chances to prevent gum disease.

We use State-of-the-Art digital dental X-rays for the most accurate diagnosis.

Dental X-Rays are an incredible tool and provide us with the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis.


Every time I went to 181 Dental, I felt that the dental team was very genuine and cared about me. It was a family atmosphere and I knew that they valued the dental care they gave. Thanks 181 Dental for helping me maintain a great smile.

Darcy T.
Portland, OR


It may be tempting to skip a dental checkup now and then. But remember that regular checkups and professional cleanings can actually save you time and money. Even more importantly, they can save your teeth and your health.