Dental patient flossing in front of a mirror

Here at 181 Dental, we know not everyone has picked up the habit of daily flossing – and we understand why. Flossing can be uncomfortable; it’s time-consuming, and it’s not always easy. However, there are important reasons why daily flossing should be on your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Why is flossing important?

Between a toothbrush and mouth rinse, you may feel like you have your daily oral care covered. The toothbrush gets the tops and sides of your teeth, massages your gums and cleans your tongue. Mouth rinse gets those in-between places that a toothbrush cannot reach – right?

Unfortunately, that information is incorrect. In fact, some of the common misconceptions about replacing floss with mouth rinses or mouthwash are promoted by the commercials that sell these products.

Rinsing your mouth kills bacteria. But flossing is the only way you can clean off the daily buildup of tartar and food which will later form into plaque. Additionally, the areas between your teeth are considered some of the most important areas to clean. These areas are narrow by nature and are great places for food to get caught or for bacteria to grow unchecked.

Flossing is one of your foremost tooth decay and oral disease prevention tools.

What are the health benefits of daily flossing?

The biggest benefit of daily flossing is preventing tartar build up and stopping tartar from hardening into plaque, which is how you get gum disease. So, the main advantage of flossing is prevention.

Gum disease can cause several serious problems, from bone loss to heart issues. Your mouth is one of the gateways to the rest of your body, so keeping it healthy and clean is a fantastic way to stay healthy yourself.

When is the best time to floss?

It’s an excellent idea to floss once daily before brushing your teeth. When you floss before brushing, you have removed build up that a toothbrush cannot reach, allowing the active ingredients of your toothpaste to get into the crevices of your mouth and work more effectively.

While flossing can literally be a pain, it’s an important part of your daily routine. If you have questions about how to floss more effectively or what tools you can use on sensitive teeth and gums, let us know. We would be happy to help you improve your oral care.

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