Patient flossing their teeth

Five Tips for Keeping up Your Oral Care During the Holidays

The holiday season can easily interrupt your routine oral care. You may be traveling, hosting large dinners, welcoming houseguests and more. Even if you have a low-key holiday season planned, small changes in your schedule can make you forget to rinse or brush after meals or may make it more challenging to floss before bed.

On top of all of your schedule changes, you are more likely to eat foods that damage your teeth during the holiday season. Here at 181 Dental, we understand that the holidays can be a challenging time for dental care. That’s why we are providing five tips for you to follow from Thanksgiving through New Years.

1. Pack a dental care kit

If you will be traveling this season, we recommend pre-packing a dental care kit. Head out to your local grocery store and stock up on:

  • A new toothbrush
  • Travel-size toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Floss
  • A bag to hold it all in

Assemble your bag in advance and pre-pack it into your luggage. This way you won’t have to do without dental care for even one night on your trip.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol before bed

Alcoholic beverages dry out your mouth, and different drinks can encourage gum disease. Avoid dry mouth caused by alcohol by taking your last sip of holiday libations at least an hour before you want to head off to bed. This gives your mouth time to start producing saliva and can help you remember to start your nightly oral routine.

3. Try to avoid sticky sweets and hard candy

Chewy, sugary treats stick to the surface of your teeth and can make your oral care routine tougher than it needs to be. On the other hand, chewing on hard candy can lead to cracked or chipped teeth. So, stick to holiday classics like pumpkin pie and try to avoid gnawing on candy canes and you should be just fine.

4. No toothbrush or mouthwash? Rinse with water

Whether you are party-hopping or visiting a friend’s house for dinner, you may forget to bring a toothbrush or mouthwash to clean your teeth after your meal. Try to rinse your mouth with water right after you eat. This can help rinse away plaque feeders like sugar.

5. Schedule your next dental cleaning now

With a schedule filled with parties and dinners, you may be tempted to put off your dental appointments. If you’re due for a cleaning during the holiday season, get it done early and schedule your appointment today.

Do you need help keeping up your dental routine this holiday season? Let us help! Contact us to schedule your next appointment.