The perfect smile is possible
Your teeth can show a lot about you. They collect marks of aging, and their stains show the world where you have been. Your teeth may have formed entirely without your control, with small gaps or an overbite.

Sometimes, a collection of issues can make one feel less like smiling and more like covering up. Here at 181 Dental, we think that’s a shame.

Instead of concealing your pearly whites because they are fading, consider cosmetic dentistry. The technology used in cosmetic dentistry has advanced well past what it used to be, providing simple fixes for tooth gaps, effective and damage-free teeth whitening, and more.

Professional Whitening

Years of drinking coffee, alcohol or tea can show on your teeth, creating stains that toothpaste just can’t get out. The most powerful solution for stains that brushing or over-the-counter whitening won’t get out is to get your teeth whitened at your dentist.

Not only is dental teeth whitening effective, but it’s also a very rapid procedure and may be completed within one visit. It’s pretty amazing to see how many shades whiter your teeth can get in a single trip to the dentist!


Ultra-thin veneers go beyond whitening. They are a digitally designed veneer that can be bonded to your teeth, providing an immediate change.

Veneers can brighten your smile by:

  • Restoring chipped teeth
  • Immediately brightening stained teeth – permanently
  • Eliminating gaps
  • Aligning crooked teeth
  • Reshaping teeth for a perfect smile
  • Renewing old dental work
  • Making you feel free to share your grin openly!

Veneers go well beyond teeth whitening. They are a high-tech solution to almost anything you feel self-conscious about when it comes to your smile.

Our goal at 181 Dental is to help you smile. So, if you are feeling self-conscious about your teeth or you want to make your smile brighter, be sure to contact us today.